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randomness provider provides your applications with onchain verifiable randomness, unlocking the maximum level of security and transparency for your users.

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Current lotteries and iGaming apps are struggling to gain the public interest

Low level of trust.
Your users don't know if they can trust your app because they don't have a proof that it is not rigged. They have to take your word for it.
Fake security.
Most apps are not open-source, and even when they are, it does not guarantee that the open-sourced code is the actual code that is running on the device. Therefore these apps are unverifiable and can't be trusted.
Easy to manipulate.
Most apps don't tell how they generate randomness or they rely on centralized services like It is extremely easy for these services to send you a malicious random number and you won't be able to detect it.

Scams and attacks happen all the time

Here are just a few cases where companies didn't use and got in trouble.

Hot Lotto fraud scandal: the largest lottery scam in U.S. history
How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions
Daily Beast
BBC fined by regulators for fake quizzes and competitions
Former UEFA boss Michel Platini says 1998 World Cup draw was fixed
The Washington Post

Don't let that happen to your company, secure your randomness now with eliminates the flaws of traditional RNG solutions

Real security.
Even if your app is not open-source, the rules of the game and the randomness used are known to everyone which makes your whole app trustworthy.
Very high level of trust.
Your users have a proof that the winners are selected in a fair and random way because your random numbers are verifiable onchain.
Invulnerable against manipulation.
Random numbers are generated on Ethereum using Chainlink VRF which provides cryptographically secure randomness that cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Meet the Holy Grail
random number generator

Provably secure
Rely on an algorithm secured by cryptographic proofs which cannot be manipulated by anyone, not even by us.
Truly unpredictable numbers
The randomness is generated on Ethereum using onchain data which cannot be predicted ahead of time.
Top notch brand image
Boost your brand image by using a transparent RNG to show your users that transparency matters to you.
Say goodbye to disputes
Prevent anyone from challenging your game outcomes by having a proof that the winners are selected in a fair and random way.
Better user experience
Grow your user base by ensuring trustworthy and fair outcomes that are verifiable.
GDPR compliant
No personal data is stored onchain.

Embrace verifiable randomness across multiple use cases

Social media giveaways

Increase the engagement on your giveaways by displaying a full transparency of the winner selection process.

TV contests

Stand out from your competitors and regain the public interest in your TV Shows by letting your viewers know that your contests are transparent and secure thanks to blockchain technology.


Add transparency and best in class security to your lottery by selecting the winning numbers with a verifiable draw that anyone can audit.


Randomness is crucial to many online games. Rely on verifiable randomness to gain the public trust and increase your user base.

Built on a foundation of decentralized,
battle-tested technologies

Simple pricing

No costly monthly subscription, you pay as you go.



Get verifiable randomness at an affordable price.

  • Up to 500 random numbers per request
  • Random numbers ranging from 1 to 1,000,000
  • Verifiable on the blockchain explorer Arbiscan
  • Verifiable on our IPFS gateway
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We provide custom plans for companies engaged in large-scale operations.

  • Unlimited random numbers per request
  • White-labelling, customize the verification page with your own company design
  • Verifiable on a dedicated IPFS gateway for enhanced privacy
  • 24/7 priority support
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